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Atmos Boss Vape Pen Review

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Does the Atmos Boss fit the standards and live up to the hype?

It certainly passes the eye test as it is one of if not the thinnest vapor pens we have ever tested here at

The size alone has us very interested and combined with the AtmosRx trade up program, we have a legit contender here.

Lets find out if the hype is worth the price with our thorough review…

Atmos Boss Review

Atmos Boss

High-Quality Construction

If you are considering a purchase of an herb vaporizer, you will want to purchase one with a high-quality construction. These items are quite expensive, which means longevity and durability is very important to the user. The Atmos Boss is constructed out of aluminum and stainless steel, which is capable of withstanding temperatures of 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stainless steel is definitely a very durable material, since it can stand up to these high temperatures, moisture, and frequent use. You cannot go wrong with this atomizer and its high tech design cannot be ignored.

The Battery

When taking the time to search around for the most efficient vaporizer, you will always find that battery is crucial. Without the right battery, the product won’t last and will become an annoyance. Since these products are equipped with rechargeable batteries, you will need to make sure that your vaporizer’s battery will provide you with a significant amount of use, before a recharge is required. The battery here is removable and will provide you with 5 hours of use. The removable aspect comes in handy, if you have alternatives sitting around.

Also, the vape pen is capable of alerting you, when the battery needs recharged. It is equipped with an LED light near the base. When the battery is running low, it will flash repeatedly a few times to warn you. Once the battery has been connected to the charger, the LED light will switch to purple. Once the light on the charger has transitioned to green, your battery is fully charged.

Highly Durable Heating Element

While many atomizers are not capable of reaching extremely high temperatures, which will potentially decrease its effectiveness. The Atmos Boss is equipped with a heating element that is able to reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, without doing damage to the atomizer and its components. It will heat up in approximate thirty seconds, which is extraordinarily quick, when compared to other brands.

The Atmos Boss is not equipped with a temperature control, which is more suitable for most users, because they do not want to limit the effectiveness of the item.

Aesthetically Designed

Many vapers like the Boss, because it has the same appearance as an electronic cigarette. The aesthetically appealing design is highly preferable for most users, because it will fit in your hand nicely. Not only is the design very likeable, but it will burn your weed completely down leaving it brown in color. There will be no weed wastes, when it comes to the Boss, which is very important for everyone.

Picking A Color

When you take the time to check out the Atmos Boss vaporizer, you will find that the product is very sleek. It is also available in two individual colors, black and silver. Currently, it is the thinnest pen available and is equipped with a stainless steel chamber. Regardless of how you use the product, you can guarantee that you’ll look stylish, while doing it. If you want to look cool, while you toke on your vape, your Atmos Boss will allow it!

Either way, this vaporizer will work excellent and will look great, while you puff away!

Extremely Lightweight

While many men prefer an atomizer that is slightly heavy, because it feels good in their hands, others will prefer a lightweight vaporizer. The Boss is very lightweight and weighs in at 2.7 ounces, which will give you a realistic feel, as if you were puffing away on a traditional burner.

This will definitely make the Atmos more portable than its competition, since you can stow it away in your pocket, without feeling its weight.

Easy Use

Once you’ve gotten the battery completely charged, you will want to begin using the vaporizer. Truthfully, there is where the Atmos Boss excels. The vape pen is effortless to use. First, you’ll need to grind up your herbs and add them to the heating chamber. After this has been completed, you will able to press the designated power button three times rapidly. You will notice that it takes very little time for this pen to heat up. The average is right around forty seconds. This is much faster than some of the alternatives.

During this process, the LED light will change to blue, before switching to red, when the pen is hot enough and ready to be used. Once it has turned to red, you will have fifty seconds to use the device, before it shuts off on its own. Pressing the button three more times will keep it active for ninety more seconds. The process is simple and effortless. Suffice to say no instructions are needed.


Atmos Boss vs Pax by Ploom

The Boss has a small amount of draw resistance, vapor production is not hot, and the user will receive a much smoother throat hit. You will receive a huge vapor cloud every time you vape with the Atmos Boss, which is highly preferred by most users.

Low Maintenance

If you feel like you are spending more time cleaning and maintaining your atomizer than truly vaping, it may be time for a change. Instead of spending hours breaking down your atomizer, it is time to trade it in for a new Boss. This brand require very little maintenance, since all you need to do is clean the mesh filter on a regular basis, which will require about 1-2 minutes tops. Also, the included cleaning brush will allow you to get the chamber cleaned, without trouble.

Excellent Tasty Clouds

If you’re looking for an awesome vapor pen, you’ll want to make sure that the pen is going to provide you with sizeable clouds that are tasty! The Boss is excellent here. It is capable of providing you with a good throat hit and plenty of vape. Overall, anyone that is interested in vaping on big clouds will want to check out this product, because it will still allow you to enjoy the scrumptious taste of your herbs!

User Friendly

You do not need to pull out the directional booklet every time you use the Atmos, because it is very simple to use. All you need to do is fill the weed into the reservoir and hold down the power button. In thirty seconds the heating element will reach its maximum temperature capacity. This is definitely a great feature for those that are trying to vape, while they are at work, since their break time is limited.

What Is Included?

When purchasing the Atmos vaporizer, you should understand everything that is included. This particular package includes everything you need to begin enjoying your favorite dry herbs.

atmos boss accessories

For starters, you will receive a single Lithium Ion battery, stainless steel heating chamber and the chamber connector. In order to ensure that you don’t get herbs and debris in your mouth, the package includes a ceramic filter, as well as a mesh filter. The rubber mouthpiece is sufficient and you shouldn’t find much to complain about it.

Also, you will receive a packing tool, which helps to pack your herbs into the chamber. When you want to clean your vape pen, you will be able to use the included cleaning brush. Although this might not be a major additional, it is very helpful. Finally, you will receive the cordless USB charger, wall adapter and a user manual. If you need to purchase additional batteries, you can do so and increase your ability to vape, without needing to recharge.


If you’re worried about making the purchase, you shouldn’t be. The Atmos Boss is an excellent product, which should be evident, when you read the Atmos Boss review. At the same time, the product is also covered by a 1-year warranty. This will help to ensure that the product is flawless from manufacturer defects. Also, a 5-year replacement program is available from AtmosRX. This helps to ensure that your vape pen will last a significant period of time and you will always have easy access to replacement parts.

Overall Assessment

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atmos boss vaporizer

There are many excellent vape pens on the market, but the majority of them falter in one category or another. With the Boss, this is not the case.

This particular product is extremely well rounded. Despite being one of the thinnest vaporizers on the market, the Boss packs a punch and it capable of deliver a sufficient cloud that most individuals will enjoy.

The overall package is great and the included warranty helps to enhance the value tremendously. For that, the Boss is an excellent option for anyone that wants to enjoy partaking on dry herbs!

Does the Atmos Boss fit the standards and live up to the hype? It certainly passes the eye test as it is one of if not the thinnest vapor pens we have ever tested here at The size alone has us very interested and combined with the AtmosRx trade…

Atmos Boss Rating

Portability - 91%
Vapor Quality - 93%
Value - 91%
Warranty - 86%
User Rating: No Ratings Yet !