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Cloud V Phantom

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A Comprehensive Look At The Cloud V Phantom

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So, what is the Cloud V?

It is the latest release of handheld herbal vaporizer from the renowned Cloud V brand. It is a highly innovative pen style product that is stylish, lightweight and comfortable to use.


When you receive this vaporizer, it will come in a very cool package, which will keep it protected, during transportation. You should also note that this vape is available in several different colors, including black, red and green.


If you’re looking for a portable vape that will fit in your pocket, this one is definitely worth exploring further.


The quality of the build will help anyone elevate their vaping experience to the next level.


Our favorite feature of this pen, is the product’s heating chamber quality. It is astounding and will help to prevent your herbs from being burnt, while delivering large clouds and smooth hits.

Cloud V Phantom Pen Review

What’s Included

what is included

When purchasing this package, you should know exactly what the package includes.

Although this package might be a little more costly than some of the others, it includes a few extra items, which more than justify the price. First and foremost, you will receive the Phantom vaporizer, owner’s manual and a required battery charger.

This is pretty standard. On top of this, you also receive a cleaning brush, packing tool and a pair of tweezers. Although these might be ignored initially, they will prove to be very handy, once you’ve started to enjoy your vapes.


Of course, the real deal sealers are the batteries. Yes, you’ve read that right!

With this particular vaporizer, you actually receive two batteries, which will prove to be ever so helpful, when enjoying your herbs. This will ensure that you won’t have to stop and recharge so often! One of the other selling points is the 1-year limited warranty. Although this is somewhat standard, it is there and you should take full advantage of it!


How To Use The Phantom Vaporizer

In order to use the vaporizer, the process is fairly simple, you first need to remove the bottom of the vape, in order to access the chamber. One this has been done, you can easily place your herbs inside. The chamber is capable of holding a small amount from .2 to .3g. In order to achieve the most efficient performance from the Cloud V, you will need to make sure to cut up the herbs very fine and pack them, as tight as possible.


After this, the vaporizer works very similarly to others. In order to turn on the device, you will need to press the power button 3 times consecutively. With only a single button, you won’t have trouble figuring out which one to push. It is impossible to adjust the temperature, so if you’re looking for something more customizable, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Once the temperature reaches the pre-set limit, the light will turn blue and you will be able to start vaping.


Overall Performance

First and foremost, it is vital to know about the battery life. Remember that two batteries are available and will extend this significantly. By charging a single battery for approximately three hours, you will be able to get about forty-five minutes of use. By doing this with two batteries, you would have ninety minutes of use. This isn’t bad and will ensure that you’re able to enjoy your vape, without a lot of annoyance.


The device heats up very quickly, which is awesome, but it tends to get somewhat too hot. During the beginning of use, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth, tasty vapors. After you have utilized the product for a little longer, it may very well burn the herb and decrease the enjoyment you receive. Still, it is somewhat better than other vaporizers in this regard and will provide you with a quick hit, whenever you desire.


Heat Circulation

Unlike most average atomizers, which are equipped with a heating mechanism that will ignite and burn the herb, the Phantom does not. The heat circulation will emit throughout the chamber, which in turn will vaporize the herb and turn it from a bright green to a dark brown grind. It is capable of reaching temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning Tools

You will receive several different cleaning tools with the Phantom. Tweezers and a cleaning brush will make the cleaning and maintaining process very simple. Just pick the burnt herb out of the heating chamber or use the cleaning brush to swipe the herb out of the chamber, without removing it from the atomizer.


However, you choose to clean the atomizer, it will only require about 3-4 minutes of your time, which is fairly quick compared to other brands.


Heating LED Light

The great thing about the Phantom is it is equipped with a LED light, which will glow red once the heating element is activated. Once the maximum temperature has been reached, it will turn blue, so you know it is ready for use. There will never be any guessing, when to start vaping, if you are using this vaporizer.


Compact Size

Phantom Vaporizer

If you desire a very compact atomizer, you will find that the Phantom will suffice your needs. It is more compact and smaller than the average vaporizer and much sleeker. It has a center glossy band, which gives it a very appealing appearance. The rubber textured body will offer you a very good grip, so it will not slip out of your fingers, when you are vaping, even under the most extreme conditions.


Shut Off Mechanism

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Another great feature that is equipped into the Phantom is the shut off mechanism. Once the atomizer has reached its maximum temperature, it is capable of vaping for up to two minutes. Once this time has expired, it will automatically shut off, which will save the battery life. This is great for those vapers that forget to turn their vape pen off after each use. The shut off is very beneficial and will not only save battery life, but also it’ll prevent the chamber from overheating and causing further complications.


Huge Amount of Vapor

Saving the herb is crucial, when vaping. The Phantom is capable of producing a thick and huge amount of vapor. This amount of vapor is produced from a tiny amount of weed on each pull, which is capable of cutting down on waste. Remember a large amount of vapor will satisfy your vaping needs, without requiring a large amount of herb.


Preparation Time

If you’re looking for a product that can be used very quickly, the Cloud V is an excellent option. It can definitely cut down on your preparation time. In fact, it is much quicker than the majority of portable devices and tends to match up with the convenience and speed of other vape pens. As mentioned above, it is vital to grind the herbs up very well, in order to get the most out of this product. Still, this is a commonality among herb pens and shouldn’t cause any complications. With the smallest number of parts and buttons possible, this pen is one of the quickest and easiest to use.


Overall Pros

When it comes down to it, the Phantom is generally very beneficial. The large number of pros provided with this product will be listed below.


  • Much more affordable than some of its competitors
  • A good amount of herb can be added, when the vape’s size is taken into account
  • Heating up is very quick and won’t leave you hanging
  • Very simple to use, since there is only one button to push
  • Smallest number of parts for the easiest maintenance and upkeep
  • The battery is effortlessly removed and can be replaced quickly


Although there are a few potential cons, the Cloud V is mostly beneficial. It is sturdy, easy to use and will provide you with plenty of use, before recharging is required. Keep an eye on the chamber’s temperature and you shouldn’t have any problems enjoying herbs with this vape.


Overall Assessment

For the price of the product, you will find that the Cloud V Phantom is an excellent choice.

Cloud Vs v2 Pro

In the battle between the Cloud vs v2 pro, the Cloud is definitely the winner and will provide you with an excellent vaporizer, at a cheap price. Although it is possible for anyone to use this vaporizer, it is more suitable for those entering the hobby.


This is a well-made and very sturdy vaporizer that will fulfill your needs and work for almost everyone. Is it worth the price? It most certainly is!

A Comprehensive Look At The Cloud V Phantom So, what is the Cloud V? It is the latest release of handheld herbal vaporizer from the renowned Cloud V brand. It is a highly innovative pen style product that is stylish, lightweight and comfortable to use. &nbsp; When you receive this&hellip;

Cloud V Phantom Rating

Portablility - 98%
Vapor Quality - 85%
Value - 90%
Warranty - 90%
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