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The Original Ploom Pax Vaporizer

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ploom pax

The Original Pax Ploom vaporizer hit the market like a nuke! Immediately, you could take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

pax ploom

Voted the best vaporizer for 2013, the Ploom by Pax incorporated a sleek design and easy functionality to allow new users to quickly master vaping. Compact, sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the original Pax Vape Pen provided an immense vaping experience packed with simplicity. Pax by Ploom redefines the way people vape and does so in an intuitive manner. At first glance, you’ll quickly realize that Pax is much different than any other vaporizer pipe you’ve ever seen.

It’s simple, affordable and provides one of the still one of the best vapes in the industry.

Let’s see what made this the best vape pen in the world for 2 years running.

Pax Vaporizer Technical Specifications

pax dimensions

  • 4 x 12 x 7/8” dimension
  • Anodized aluminum shell
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 2 hour recharge
  • 30 second heating time
  • Non-ceramic heating element

Simple Setup and Design

Simple to setup, users will be able to start using the Pax Ploom within minutes of unpacking the vaporizer.

Remove the Lid

Press your thumb on the lid and remove it. This will make the oven accessible to you so that you can add the herb into the oven for heating.

Fill the Oven

Large in size, the oven measures 7/8” x 3/8” x 3/8”. Once filled, simply place the lid back into place with a push of your finger.

All that’s left to do is press in the mouthpiece to turn on the vaporizer. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We’ll get to cleaning in a bit, but it’s effortless and takes just a minute. If you’re used to other models, you’ll love how simple this design is.

Led Indicators

Meant to be portable, Ploom’s Pax includes a minimalistic design. One of the neat features that often go overlooked are the LED indicators that are built into the vaporizer’s body. These indicators provide dual functionality.

  • Power: On the side of the Pax, an LED light will illuminate when the model is on. This alerts that user that the heating element is engaged.
  • Temperature: The same power light can be used to determine the temperature level of the heating element. Yellow indicates low heat, orange indicates medium heat and red indicates high heat.

Before we move on to the last LED function, it’s important to know how to change the temperature settings. The mouth piece will need to be gently pulled out with your finger. Inside, you’ll find a light and the temperature button. Pressing the button will cycle the heating element through the three heating settings.

Advanced vapors will love this heating flexibility.


Heat has a direct correlation to the thickness of the vapor produced. Users can cycle through the settings to find the vapor thickness and taste that they prefer. It’s also important to note that if a heating element gets too hot, it will cause the herb to burn leaving an unpleasant taste.

The final function of the LED acts as a battery level indicator. While the device is on, simply shake it and the LED will illuminate accordingly. A full battery will show green, half battery will show yellow and red is used to indicate that the battery is low.

What I really like about this model is that it’s so compact that it can fit right in your pocket. This is due to the key features – like the side LED – that doesn’t affect the size of the Pax.

Heating Element and Design

ploom pax original

The Original Pax Vaporizer Took The Portable Market By Storm

Now that you know about the product’s aesthetics and basic functions, it’s time to focus on the most important part: heating element. The heating element is what differentiates a great vaporizer from one that is lackluster. If you’ve tasted burnt vapor before, it’s because the heating element simply wasn’t operating efficiently, or operating at too high of a temperature.

Herb can only reach a certain temperature before it begins to burn. The Pax ensures this is never an issue.

The non-ceramic film heater is bonded to the oven to allow the industry’s best heating. In as little as 30 seconds, users will be able to vape. The LED light will turn from the temperature color to green when it’s time to vape – there’s no guesswork involved.

Made from stainless steel, herb will not get stuck to the heating element or in the oven. This makes cleanup a breeze.

Worried about overheating?

There is an internal accelerometer that will detect the product’s standby-mode. What this does is detect when a person is not vaping and turns off the heating element. This works to:

  • Conserve battery life so there’s less overall charging needed.
  • Conserve oven contents so that they never burn or become too dried out.

Virtually everything has been considered by the engineers that created Pax.

A Few Overlooked Features Of The Original Pax Vaporizer

We don’t want to leave you with a Pax vaporizer review that leaves any questions unanswered. Some of the most important features or inclusions are listed below:

Battery Life and Charging

Included with your purchase is a base charger. Simple and easy to use, the charger will stand on any table and you simply plug your Pax right into it. Just as before, the LED indicator on the side will tell you when charging is complete.

How long does it last?

This depends on how high the temperature is set and the battery’s current level. Usually, users will need to charge their Pax every 3 – 5 times they vape – not bad for a portable model.

Currently, the battery is not replaceable. After 300 charging cycles, the company states that the Pax’s battery should be at 80% of its original strength. The company is working on a replacing solution for long-term users.

Party Mode

Sometimes, you may not want your Pax to go into standby-mode. The design team decided to create “party mode” to override standby. Essentially, users will want to:

  • Hold the Pax in front of them horizontally.
  • Flip the Pax towards the user three times.

This is the perfect choice if you plan on passing the Pax to a friend so that they can get a hit, or if you expect a long time between vapes.


A cleaning brush is included with the Pax Ploom. Users simply remove the mouthpiece and place the brush inside of the hole working it through so that it reaches the other side of the Pax. Now, simply move the brush back and forth to remove any remaining debris left inside.

The Pax Ploom is not big and bulky like the MFLB spanning just 4 1/8” x 12/5” x 7/8”. Weighing less than a smartphone, you’ll barely notice the Pax in your pocket. Buyers will receive a 10-year warranty just in case anything breaks.

Ploom really went out on a limb with the Pax because they created a vaporizer that is unlike anything else on the market. Not only is this model small and compact, it has all of the best features bundled into a portable, lightweight model. Durable, users will find that the Anodized aluminum shell can hold up to years of use and doesn’t get hot when in the user’s hand.

Breaking Down the Ploom Pax

the original

The Pax came in 5 unique colors: black, purple, blue, green and white, and has an aluminum shell. Light in weight, this model can fit in the palm of your hand and produces no smoke – leaving only the best taste behind.

How to Use Pax

A magnetic bottom is included that will need to be removed before filling the oven with the dry herb. This is done by pushing your finger on either of the ends of the magnet so that it pushes inward and can be pulled out.

As with every dry herb vaporizer pen, you’ll fill the chamber with your desired herb.

Remember to:

  • Place only dry herb in the chamber.
  • Place only an adequate amount of herb. Never overstuff the oven.

The non-ceramic, stainless steel, heating element will ensure that the herb does not burn, but heats thoroughly to provide the best Pax vape possible. Once you’ve placed the magnetic bottom back in place, turn the Pax on by pressing on the mouthpiece. This will cause the mouthpiece to spring forward.

Within just 30 seconds, you’ll be able to take your first vape and experience Pax for yourself.

The default temperature setting works great, but – for best results – you’ll want to make adjustments.

Temperature control is either: low, medium or high heat. You won’t need to worry about precise measurements and will be able to enjoy your herb more as a result. Accessing the temperature settings is very intuitive. Simply:

  1. Push the mouthpiece so that it’s extended out.
  2. Grab the end of the mouthpiece and pull it out.
  3. Press the temperature button inside of the mouthpiece’s chamber.

Simple and easy. Ploom takes simplicity a step further by providing you with a color-coded light indicator to alert you of the current heat level.

The color indicator located on the outside of the case will glow one of the following colors:

  • Yellow – Low Heat
  • Orange – Medium Heat
  • Red – High Heat

Choose your setting and wait for the best vaporizer to heat up and enjoy.

The aluminum shell allows for proper heat distribution from the oven to your mouth so that you always get the best hit.

The included lithium-ion battery provides substantial battery life with about 5 oven loads per charge. Ploom has done their best to allow for maximum battery life at all times. Pax will automatically turn off when not in use and will cool down rapidly by design. All of this is done to ensure that users are able to vape how they want, when they want.

Recharging the battery is a breeze. First, grab Pax firmly in your hand and shake it up. The temperature LED light will now indicate the battery level with the following indications:

  • Green – full
  • Yellow – partial
  • Red – low

Recharging is done by attaching the charger to the included base and attaching Pax onto the base. Able to stand freely, the battery level LED will illuminate green when the charging process is complete. Don’t worry, charging takes about 2 hours or less to complete.

Ploom includes a Pax warranty of 10 years. If this product breaks, the manufacturer will replace it.

How to Clean The Pax Vape

How to Clean The Pax Vape

Staying true to the idea of a simple design, cleaning Pax could not be any easier. When you’re done vaping, turn Pax off and you’re ready to begin the cleaning process.

  1. Take off the mouthpiece.
  2. Using the included pipe cleaner, insert the cleaner into the vapor tube. The screen will pop out.
  3. Move the cleaning pipe forward and backward cleaning out the inside of the Pax. You will notice that the cleaner is getting dirty.

Cleaning will be a matter of simply wiping off the pipe cleaner and working out all of the sediment that’s left behind.

You’ll also want to clean out the oven and wipe it down to remove any old, already burned herb that may exist. The mouthpiece can also be cleaned under water as long as you properly dry it afterward. I have found that using a Q-tip to clean the mouthpiece’s crevices works best.

Cleaning can be done either after every use for best results or when recharging. The herb chamber will need to be cleaned after every use for best results. The mouthpiece can be cleaned as necessary.

You can also buy this optional cleaning kit from Ploom to help you keep your vape in top shape.


The Pax Vaporizer is far less expensive than the Volcano vape and produces superior vape. Smaller in design, this vaporizer is the weight of a smartphone and can easily be transported – something Volcano does not provide.

A moderate-priced vaporizer, you can purchase this model directly online. We have the Pax Vaporizer for sale at an unbelievably low price.

When it comes to the best taste and the easiest usage, Pax is on top of the vaping industry.

Purchase your Pax today and get the following accessories:

  • Wall charger
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Mouthpiece lubricant

The only thing left to do is load up your herb and enjoy the purist, most flavorful vape in the industry. You’ve never truly vaped until you’ve tried Pax by Ploom.


If you want the original vape pen a try, you better act fast while it is still available on the market, give the Pax by Ploom a try – you won’t regret it.

The Original Pax Ploom vaporizer hit the market like a nuke! Immediately, you could take your vaping experience to a whole new level. Voted the best vaporizer for 2013, the Ploom by Pax incorporated a sleek design and easy functionality to allow new users to quickly master vaping. Compact, sleek…

Ploom Pax Rating

Portability - 99%
Vapor Quality - 98%
Value - 96%
Warranty - 90%
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